๐Ÿ“œ Scroll is a language for scientists of all ages

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Where can I try without installing?

ScrollHub or try.scroll.pub.

Where are the docs?

What can I build with Scroll?


This screenshot is from a blog powered by Scroll.

Knowledge Bases

Scroll powers PLDB, a knowledge base with over 100 contributors who have added over 100,000 cells of structured data and thousands of pages.

Static Sites

This site you are reading is powered by Scroll.

What makes Scroll different?

Scroll has an unusually simple syntax called Scroll Notation, an extensive set of parsers and commands needed by researchers, bloggers, knowledge bases and sites of all sizes, is highly expandable, and is familiar to anyone who knows Markdown.

What is the Scroll command line app?

The command line app builds static blogs, websites, CSVs, text files, and more.

How do I install the command line app?

Scroll currently requires Node.js.

After Node.js is installed, install the npm package with:

npm install -g scroll-cli

How do I install the developer version?

git clone https://github.com/breck7/scroll.git cd scroll npm install -g . npm test

Is Scroll open source?

Yes. Breck's Lab publishes Scroll to the public domain.

The source code is hosted on GitHub.

Can I write Parsers in my browser?

Yes. You can use Scroll Designer to write Parsers in your browser.

Any more docs?

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